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Model No.: JK-X5 Place of Origin: China

The model of the plug-in temperature control card is JK-X5.

JK-X5 card is a special temperature control card for hot runners. It is suitable for all hot runner heaters with a load not exceeding 15A. Its shape and installation method adopt international standard structure and it is suitable for any standard chassis. Its power wiring system and load connection method are standard structures. Each control card control - the heater temperature of one circuit, the temperature control card is convenient to insert and dial, and can be used interchangeably with the temperature control card of other manufacturers.

Function and characteristics

The temperature control card operation interface adopts a touch button and a dual-line 4-digit LED display mode, and is equipped with three LED indicators to indicate the operating state of the device.
◆Simple operation, high temperature control accuracy, new users can quickly enter working status

◆The temperature control card adopts the international standard structure, which is easy to replace and can be used interchangeably with other manufacturers' products.

◆The function of each temperature control card is the same, so it can be used interchangeably, which is convenient for users to repair and store spare parts.
◆K-type and J-type temperature sensing line sensor signals can be set, precise temperature nonlinearization processing and integrated cold junction compensation
◆Control mode is zero-crossing trigger mode, PWM pulse width adjustment output
◆The temperature setting and display are in two ways: Celsius and Fahrenheit.
◆High temperature alarm function, upper limit temperature can be set
◆The lower temperature alarm function, the lower limit temperature can be set

 Temperature line disconnection alarm function, automatic protection of temperature line disconnection

> FUZYY+PID control algorithm, PID parameters have two ways: online automatic setting and manual setting
◆Equipped with hot runner soft start heating mode, soft start heating power and heating time can be set freely

◆In addition to automatic control, the system is also equipped with manual control mode for heating in special cases> with 380V voltage protection function to ensure the safety of temperature control card


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